Reduce time in date +time field

Hi experts,

Pls support to reduce 5 hours 30min. In date field.

Example system date 22-07-2021 03:30. Reduce 4:30 need result 21-07-2021 22:00

Pls support to get correct result.


First off, your system date object must not just be a date value; it must also be a date data type. If it is not use the ToDate() function to convert it first. Provided you are working with an actual date you can use the RelativeDate() function twice.

=RelativeDate(RelativeDate([Var System Datetime]; -4; HourPeriod); -30; MinutePeriod)


Alternatively, you could just subtract the total number of minutes.

=RelativeDate([Var System Datetime]; -270; MinutePeriod)