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Performance Tuning RealTime Services processing JVM messages

Hi, long time no type in this forum - well, actually, the previous incarnation. :frowning:

We have an old installation of Data Services 3.2 on an AIX server - which is obviously no longer supported. :blush:

It is configured to process messages via the JVM adapter which is utilising ActiveMQ queues. That all works. the problem we have is that the performance of the message processing, i.e. the throughput of messages in the real time jobs is inconsistent. No matter which settings we iteratively tweak we get inconsistent performance. :angry:

One issue is that the real time jobs will error and restart and no matter the settings, they seem to hang around waiting for their next message to process for a long time.

At first we thought it took a long time to refresh the job from the repo - does DS do this each time the job falls over? To mitigate this weโ€™ve partially failed over to our DR to rule out contention for the repo as the live repo is amongst other heavily used databases. We can now clearly see that the when the real time job fails it restarts very quickly and then waits - like it is waiting to be served a message?

The other issue that weโ€™ve noticed is that sometimes the access server will load balance across the three real time services - if one real time service is restarting, then all of the real time services stop processing messages. At other times if one real time service is restarting the other two will continue to process messages. We can not identify why the Access server has this inconsistency! We have also noticed that messages will be load balanced across access servers - thatโ€™s inconsistent too.

Anyone able to help?