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Open Dashboard after Flash EOL

Hi everyone,
we have a big problem. We have to convert some SAP BO Dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud. The problem is that after Flash EOL, Jan. 2021, we cannot open theese, nor in visualization (by BI LaunchPad) nor in design mode (by SAP BO Dashboard tool).
Have you got any suggestions on how open it? So we’ll can see the structure and the query and then replicate on SAC.

Thank a lot

Hi…haven’t used these in awhile but is BO dashboard the same thing as Xcelsius (this was the old name)? I recall there is a client tool for Xcelsius.

There is a separate tool called Design Studio (which became Lumira) but I don’t think this uses flash.

Yes, Xcelsius became Dashboard, and for both there is a client tool.
Is it possible open a file (.xlf) made with Dashobard tool in Design Studio?

No, you cannot open an .xlf file in Design Studio. There may be a third party tool to do a convert.

Can you open the .xlf file in the BO Dashboard client (aka Xcelsius). You should be able to see the definitions from there.

i’ve already tried, but also BO Dashboard uses flash player… :frowning:

Its been about 5 years so I don’t recall the details, but isn’t there a developer mode and view mode for Xcelsius? Does the developer mode also require flash? The developer mode will at least let you see the layout and variables used.

it’s what i’m looking for. :frowning:

I attempted to open a .xlf file in the developer mode and it was looking for flash. Xcelisius is dead, long live SAC.

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