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Number of concurrent users logged in at a same time.


Is there anyway to find how many concurrent users are logging in at the same time. The version we use is Business Objects 4.2 SP3.

Thanks in Advance…

kiran0601 (BOB member since 2007-08-21)

If you have access to CMC, you can see them under sessions.


Sree Konduri (BOB member since 2005-07-14)

The sessions are of the Central Management Console will not show you if the sessions are concurrent users or named users. To see how many sessions are established by each type of user, you will need to look at the Metrics for each Central Management Server in your environment.

There are metrics for “Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users” and “Number of Sessions Established by Named Users”.

You will need to add these together if you have more than one Central Management Server.

The problem will be that a single concurrent user could have more than one sessions open also.

There really isn’t a good place to show you how many of each type of user are logged on.

did you try this ?

bernard timbal :fr: (BOB member since 2003-05-26)