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Multiple Tables in a Single Report


I have a situation where in I need to create a report with two tables one below the other. Their are 2 DP and each table contains data related to one DP. The problem is whenever the rows in a table increase, it is getting overlapped to the below table. Is their any way out to avoid overlapping of tables, in other words can we dynamically handle this.

Any help will be appreciated.


nmamidi25 (BOB member since 2006-07-24)


Select second table.
Select Format Table
Go to “appearance tab”
Select table 1 in “verticle postition relative to”
Set desired space between the 2 tables.


Bazzer :netherlands: (BOB member since 2005-10-18)


This has been discussed … a lot…

Before you post, Please search first… you’ll might find a solution… already been discussed…

Follow this link for you issue in Reporter FAQ

BO_Chief :us: (BOB member since 2004-06-06)