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More than one filter in a publication?

I’ve set up a few scheduled publications in Webi 4.2, that work reasonably well.

I am having trouble with the latest publication, however.

I work with a health service which has five districts, each with 4 or 5 health centres.

The publication is sent to the manager of each health centre, with patient-level details for that health centre.
Another report in the same publication shows a clinic-level summary for the district.

So the publication needs to be filtered to clinic, so that only the patient-level data for that clinic are shown.
However, the district summary report needs to be filtered to the district, to show the clinic-level data for each clinic in the district.

Whenever I try this the clinic filter overrides, and only the one clinic is shown in the district summary report.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? And know a work-around?

TIA, nihilObstat

Welcome to the new B :mrgreen: B forum!

I haven’t used publications before but it sounds to me like you need to separate your reports for the center-level data from the reports for the clinic-level data. It may require separate publications. I know this probably isn’t ideal, but that may just be how Business Objects behaves.

Thanks John,

Yes, I’ve tried declaring variables to use for the clinic or district, but ultimately they always refer back to the original parameter that is used for filtering the publication.

So if you want to restrict one report in a publication to a clinic, there doesn’t seem to be any way of showing any data at a higher level (district) in a different report in the same publication.