Merge 3 Data source-2 unrelated

I have 3 data source

GL Table: - Serial #; Date; Trans Amt (3 fields)
Serial Nbr Table: Serial #;Item Nbr (2 Fields)
Item Info Table: Item Nbr; Item Model (2 fields)

Merge on GL and Serial Nbr tables-Serial#
Merge on Serial Nbr and Item Info-Item #

I’d like all fields in GL report plus Item Model or $ by model however I get a DATASYNC error. I’ve tried making detail variables but still error as soon as I bring in a field not in the “merge” like date. I’ve had this struggle for years now but think there must be something I’m missing.

what did you select as associated-dimension in the “Date”-detail-variable ?

Sorry-I did not describe correctly. I did not do a detail variable for the date field as it would be a multivalue with multiple dates. I’d like the GL table to be all rows and the 2 other reports supporting details.

What you might have to do is ‘caravan’ the data. I have a similar situation in my reporting where I have:

1 Current services - includes care plan table ID
2 Current care plans where the care plan table ID is in the first query - includes original care plan table ID
3 Original care plan where the care plan table ID is in the 2nd query - includes care plan start date

All are linked on care plan ID. I need to take the original care plan date into the Query 1 data; to do that, I make a detail object taking the original start into the data for current care plan, then another detail object taking the start date detail object into the services report.

Evidently the universe designer didn’t think we needed to know how long the service user had continuous support for…