Lumira Designer 2.0 won't launch


I have recently installed Lumira 2.0 SP2 FP01 in a test server.
I first installed the add-on for the server, then discovery, then designer.
Discovery opens and seems to work fine, connects to the BI platform, etc.

On the other hand, Lumira Designer asks for login credentials (Web Service URL, username, pwd…) and after a successful login, it raises an exception:

“The Lumira add-on is not installed on the BI Platform”.

I have tried uninstalling everuthing and starting from scratch without any success so far. As anyone experienced this issue?

I am running the designer application on the 64b windows server directly.

Many thanks,

drserguey (BOB member since 2010-03-01)

Did you resolve this? I am experiencing the same problem.

rboxi99 (BOB member since 2006-11-21)