Lookup with Excel file

Hi Expert ,

I would like to advice for update lookup with excel file Data in Business object.

Right now using BI 4.2 opRep

Sultan Khan

Not sure what you are trying to do. Are you using an uploaded Excel file as a data source and you need to update the file? Please provide more specific details of your requirement.

Are you using the applet or HTML version? If you need to update the Excel, you may need to use the applet version of Web Intelligence accessed via Preferences.

Here is a blog post that describes how to update an Excel spreadsheet that is being used as a datasource.

Is that what you need?

in WebI-RichClient you can use an Excel from a network-storage location as datasource.
if this folder is also available exactly on the BO-Server, WebI will work with this file.
there is no need to import/replace the file in BO.
you can edit/replace the file on the network storage.