How to combine data from detail and dimension / two detail variables?

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So in my report I have two types of receivers, one from the main universe which is a dimension. Another receiver that’s a result from a detail, so a different universe. They’re seperated in the report and I’d like to combine them, I tried the formula:

=If [Receiver(dimension)] ="" Then [Receiver(detail)] Else [Receiver(dimension)]

But this returned NULL for the dimension receiver…

Same thing for combining data from two detail variables.

Situation explained below:

Problem combining data

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Since you are combining data from 2 queries, you need to merge the dimensions. You’ll need to create a variable to turn Receiver Detail into a dimension (you can’t merge a dimension with a detail), then merge Receiver Dimension and Receiver Dimension Variable. Using the resulting merged receiver dimension in your report will combine the values into a single list.

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Hi, the fix was way easier than imagined… It was literally =[Vendor (detail)]+[Vendor (detail2)]

Be VERY careful combining data like that without properly merging your dimensions