HeapMemory Issue

Hi There,

We are working on IDT and version is 4.2 SP5. There appx. 1500 tables so far and expecting another 800 tables.

Most of the time we are facing an issue like Heapmemory issue (unable to save the changes and Load universe error and Unexpected error and sometimes keep on lading tables forever)

Could anyone help us on this.

Thanks a ton advance.

Shravan R.

shravan_bo :india: (BOB member since 2006-04-25)

Hi Shravan,

This is a really old post, don’t know if one should really respond to it now. Anyway, 1500 + 800 seems to be a lot of tables, do you really want to build a Universe with 2300 tables? Why not break it down into multiple Universes. Even before that, is that a DWH or a Transactional Database? If Transaction Database, I’d suggest you to use a DWH instead, if you have one, if not, get one created.