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DST to Standard Time to DST to Standard Time to DST

When, oh when, will BOBJ finally handle time changes properly?

Since it no longer improperly spawns hundreds of thousands of instances like it did in years past, I guess that’s an improvement, but come on. I have messages going back a decade of the same issues, year after year, after year. You’d think by now that SAP would realize time change occurs and program their scheduling system to handle it so that we don’t have to manually update schedules twice a year.

This isn’t actually a question. Sadly, I know the answer… NEVER… It’s just a rant.

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I understand your frustration! Similarly, I feel disappointed not knowing when they’d implement this idea feature, even though there are 70 votes, and this other idea has been Under Review for 2 yrs.

Can’t tell you the last time I even bothered with the idea site. I used to make frequent suggestions (often due to ‘by design’ ‘features’) and would review posts, comment and vote every few weeks, but nothing ever came out of any of it.