Creating a report in Webi 4.2 SP8 with sections

Hi All,

I am creating a webi report 3 sections. The first section is on country and then second section is on region and then third section is on state. Within the third section, i have vertical table that shows data by customer, so could be 1 or more customers in that section. My issue is that i am trying to add a total in section 2 to show sum of sale amt that is in section 3. so total would be by region, if you will. I have added that but my sections break and they end up inserting blank pages to my report. And the position of the grand total of that sale amt that i am trying to insert shifts from page to page.

How can i make sure the sections do not shift and report does not get blank pages added? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Do you possibly have blank or null Countries or Regions? Null values could be messing up your formatting.

Also, what do you see when you’re in structure mode? Any extraneous cells or fields?