Bobj 2.1.2.f 1992

Hi BOBers
Long time no see …

Sorry I couldn’t find the perfect space for this post
@BOBers where can I post topic regarding BOBJ version 1992 ???
YES you are reading it correctly.
I am looking for BOBJ vers 2.1.2.F version 1992 MS-DOS
BOBJ turned 30 years last summer and have a look to
The FRBOUG decided to go back to the past or I should say prehistory
It was easy to go back to version 4, 5 and 6 BUT then they decided to go even further and hit 1992 !
They were able to install BOBJ 2.1.2.F and it is working !!! see attached

Sorry, it is in French as I even don’t know if at that time BOBJ was supporting other languages … :crazy_face:
BUT guess what everything was already there
universes, queries, reports, graphs… (translation of menus)

SO you may wonder why the h… I am posting here
We are missing the very last mile
You won’t believe it but the last floppy disk is no longer working
So we cannot install the admin tools …

So if anybody knows anyone having another copy of that floppy disk please ping me
I will be then able to share other wonderful screenshots from the past …

CU in 30 years :wink:


I can’t believe it ! He did it !!
Hopping this S.O.S could help us in this great piece of retrocomputing.

Bernard (Of course Involved in this challenge !)

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@bernard_timbal YOU deserve it!

Here is the floppy disk we are looking for.

You still have a floppy disk drive? :astonished: Even I have gotten rid of all my floppy disks. :laughing:
What did you use for the computer to install it on?

@Olivier_Le_Moing you deserve it
Yep share all the ins and outs of your crazy project. I am sure everyone here will love to read how you did it !!!

No problem to find a floppy disk drive, there are external ones with USB connection. Here are all the disks of the 2.1.2F Ms-Dos version. I was able to read all of them and create an image of each of them except the Installe Admin disk which had to be demagnetized.
We then used VMWare player and installed Ms-Dos 6.22 then oracle 6 Ms-Dos (thanks to Bernard T.) and finally we installed Business Objects .2.1.2F Ms-Dos.

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I even have Skipper SQL 2.06a F disks (1990/1991), Ms-Dos of course, but I need a 5 1/4 floppy drive to read them and that’s more complicated to find …!

and Christian first !

What a project… I hope you will find somebody with this floppy.

By the way “installe admin” is it a intended wording? I am not English expert but it’s seems like Frenglish :grin:

Good luck !