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BOB is Retiring

I think you hit a valid point here. We all first came to BOB because we had technical questions. It was the knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere that kept us coming back. And just like in a physical work environment where you build relationships with your co-workers that extend beyond the office, this virtual work space has led to the same end.

Even though I’ve been out of BI for a while, BOB is one of several forums I still visit. I think we’re all going to miss to social dimension of BOB as much as (or more perhaps) than the technical dimension.

Perhaps I should change my .sig? “Refugee from the former nation of BOBistan”

kbrazell :us: (BOB member since 2003-08-19)

The user profile would be completely wiped. Only the username would be preserved using the “guest poster” function.

Interesting, but would have to create a new field in the database to make that happen. I’ll post more about this in the BOB 2.0 topic.

Dave Rathbun :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-06)

I reckon I’ll be in the same position, although I have the feeling the council will be going down the SQL and PowerBI route in the long run (probably once they have a data warehouse of some kind), especially if the client level dataset replaces all other statutory returns. Fortunately, I expect to be retired by then.

I will miss the community here; the number of times I’ve come here to research obscure problems are too numerous to mention. I still find new ways of doing things by reading the fora.

Maddye :uk: (BOB member since 2009-01-09)

I would seriously be interested in opening a new forum to this to keep it going, even with limited users. I just found this site a few months ago and this has been a great help to me.

Are there others who would want to try to keep this going through a new forum?

Seriously, if people are interested in this, please let me know. I would be willing to build/host a new one, but I want to know there is some support so that it would be worth my time.

RickOShay (BOB member since 2019-07-17)

I think Bob 2 is already in the throes of birth in another thread! :lol:


Debbie :uk: (BOB member since 2005-03-01)

Indeed it is here:

Dave Rathbun :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-06)

Sad to see this go…but all good things eventually come to an end.

I signed up here my second day on the job 15 years ago. I didn’t know jack then, still don’t know a whole lot now, but this board helped me solve some problems that have kept my head above water!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

JPritch (BOB member since 2004-12-29)

I’m with Debbie …

I’m still supporting our legacy reporting in WebI. Our IT staff has “washed their hands” of all things BusObj. Anyone who knew anything (except for a few of us dinosaurs) has left or been shoved out the door. Not everything we use BusObj for will convert well to PowerBI or Tableau.

This board has been a fabulous resource over many years. I’ll miss it so much when BOB does retire.

Thanks to the entire community for all the years (yeah, I go back to the ListServe …). I was never a frequent poster, but I lurked a lot!

KelleyHux :us: (BOB member since 2002-07-05)

I have found BOB to be immensely helpful as I learned WebI starting 4 years ago.

This was my go-to forum for WebI, the SAP Community was ok but this place was more active and responsive. I still get timely and helpful responses. And I’m posting a question today.

I used Microsoft SSRS a bit (8 years ago), but when I learned WebI I found (and still find) it to a fantastic tool. I think it’s user friendly and does everything (more or less) that I need it to.

I consider WebI to be my “canvas” as I build data things for users. It’s my “workshop”.

Now we are using Salesforce … :roll_eyes: :hb: :nopity:

gadsden_consulting :us: (BOB member since 2015-06-18)

Like so many others, I have been using the Bob board since the very early days, with the occasional gap depending on the contract of the day.

I sort of understand the retirement, if it is an effort to maintain. What I don’t understand is why this valuable (then static) reference resource then has to be taken down.

All in all though, thank you very much. It’s been great.


egb :uk: (BOB member since 2005-03-10)

Please see the BOB 2.0 topic in this same forum for discussions related to options for preserving the content.

Dave Rathbun :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-06)

This site is like home to me whenever I need help or just wanted to see help what other users are looking for…it’s going to be very sad this site going away… can’t thanks enough for the wonderful BOBJ community people , who constantly try to help and reply voluntarily … I would be happy to see if anyone can carry on this site

BOBJFan (BOB member since 2011-09-24)

Where do I go now to get my fix. Not code … :reallymad: :reallymad: :hb: :hb:

Prabir Maulik (BOB member since 2006-06-30)

where should i check issues if i got doubt…
kindly for reference keep it in off-line usage rather than closing the site. it will help full to all many others and your importance of this site… it will be like qa library

I am missing BOB very sad ti here…
ravi :hb: :hb: :hb:

rvrsarma.1982 (BOB member since 2018-10-05)

Goodbye BOB.
Thanks to everyone, for all the help, ideas, and humor, over the years.

Rboggs1 (BOB member since 2019-04-08)

After 16 years of being a Bobj developer and Admin I too am retiring this Friday. I have found this site to be a very valuable tool. It will be missed.

Mike Murray :us: (BOB member since 2005-12-23)

I know there are a few of us around who pre-dated BOB with the AOL Listserv which prompted the beginnings of BOB as AOL abandoned it’s listserv service!
BOB has always has been a community of givers! Thanks to all. :wave:

MikeMcErlain :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-08)

This is sad but it’s a long time coming. BB has helped me during my first years of working with BI and after 10 years, this is still my first go to site for BOBJ questions.

I’m looking forward for BOB2.0!

jvmauricio :philippines: (BOB member since 2009-08-03)

By BOB, this forum was a great help as a BI junior for the past 5 years. Even just as reader.

GuiguiBlitz (BOB member since 2020-01-08)

Sad times.

This forum has been a massive help to me and its a shame to see it go, although I know what goes into maintaining a forum being a committee member myself previously.

Thankfully on the forum I ran, there has been people willing to take over when it was time for the current committee to step down. But it wasn’t always easy to find people willing to take on the responsibility or for that matter, who you could trust.

Thank you for your efforts to date in keeping this going.

nathanbo (BOB member since 2017-03-27)