BO URL is not Opening

Hi ,

Issue: We have upgraded the BO Server from 4.1 to BO 4.2(Tomcat web server)

The BO URL https://www.servername:8443/BOE/BI which is working fine but the external users use But this URL is not working, which takes longer time to load and fail to load any page and which does not display any error.

Is it any configuration issue?

Please assist me in this regard.


many possible reasons there.
I would start with the html inspector/dev tools (F12 in chrome) to know what is loaded where it dies etc…

on tomcat side - could you compare tomcat configs e.g. server.xml? Have they been updated?

( With lower bo version I had to redeploy some servers manually (wdeploy) after an upgrade but they returned some error at least… )

Has it been just BO upgrade? Has anybody really changed anything else? network? ( trust to nobody :slight_smile: )