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BO Report taking too long to execute

I have a BO report that is taking too long to execute.

it is taking abt 2-3 hrs.
but when i execute the query directly in the backend over the database it takes just 20-30 mins…

i tried removing the report level filters, but there is no improvement in the report refresh time… the report has some 20+ tabs :blue:

i am a bit new to BO, can somebody help me with this

what could be the problem with the report ?? :expressionless:

Karthik3 (BOB member since 2006-08-04)

Please, take a look at the Reporter FAQ here. In particular the entry Why is my report so slow.

Did you look at the execution time of the data provider? You will have to separate this time from the computation time, this is the time that it takes Business Objects to actually render the data on your screen after the data has been retrieved from the database. The computation time includes calculating of all variables, formulas, filters, alerters, applying formatting, etc.

Andreas :de: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)