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Automatic delete of instances from user inbox

This is for BOEXI R3.0 - I hope I have poste dto the right board- if not, please feel free to correct or repost.

If I set a report destination of a user’s inbox and select “Clean up
instance after scheduling”, I understand that the instance is deleted
from the Output FRS when it’s send to the user’s inbox.

Now, I want to automatically/programmatically control the number of
instances in the user inboxes, so that they just have the most up to
date instance of the report.

I thought this could be controlled by Setting instance limits for an
object (P. 738 of the R3.0 Admin Guide)

But it seems not…

I found “1199505 - How to periodically clean up inboxes in Enterprise XI”

It’s for BOXI R2 and tells me:

“The inboxes are not like the regular BusinessObjects Enterprise XI
folders where there is a setting that can be configured. A utility can
be created using the SDK that examines the size of items in inboxes and
cleans them appropriately.”

Is this still true for BOIX R3.x ? Do you know of any utility that
anyone has written? It seems to me that this must be likely to have
come up before.

Is there any way to automate clean up/deleteof instances from a users


jiwilson (BOB member since 2009-07-16)

Hi Jim,

I think you can do this using SDK code. I saw this feature is very nicely given in the 3rd party BOXI administration tool called 360 View +. I have seen this on trial version of this software. They have a tab called ‘Audit’ & in that they have a section called ‘Cleaning’ here you can find somthing called ‘Purge Inbox’. Here you just need to mention the number of days. Based on last modification date it will delete all inbox documents older than the number of days that you have entered.

For more details check


aruny :india: (BOB member since 2006-06-14)

Here is a free utility I wrote for cleaning up Inbox and Favorites documents for all the users in a single shot.

Sheshachala5 :india: (BOB member since 2004-01-09)

Look at what I wrote and see if it meets your needs:

Steve Rademacher :us: (BOB member since 2004-02-17)