Audit notification failed.

Hi All,

Our users have recurring schedules which run on every Monday (~1500). All are Webi reports schedules and destinations are different different.

We have 2 CMS with APS, WIPS and AJS along with separate 2 WIPS, AJS and APS node in the cluster.

~1300 reports schedules work fine however >200 fail with different error messages. I can figure out other error messages due to system resources or User destination wrong but this error message is not giving me any clue to fix:-

“Audit notification failed. Please contact your system administrator.” Around 30% reports got failed with this error message.

If anyone get this situation please let me know.

BO 4.2 Sp06
2 CMS Cluster
2 Processing node
4 AJS and 4 WIPS
Windows Server
APS Split using SAP guide.
AJS configured with best configuration.


brij1990 (BOB member since 2019-03-18)