Add email as destination save button missing in CMC

Hi i am trying to add a SMTP email as a destination in CMC but for email only the save button goes away.

I am logged in with Admin so dont think its a rights issue and i tried restarting but still the same.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

What version are you on?

Did you complete the set-up at the bottom? Domain name, host, port, user name (if required), and password?

Hi we are using SAP BO Enterprise 4.0 which Product Version 14.2.0 for the CMS.

I tried filling in all the details on the add destination page but still no save button.


To confirm, you are entering under destination on the adaptive job server?

Only other thing I can think of is to check your zoom on the page / try zooming out. The button is down at the far right, maybe it’s being cut off? I’ve had that issue on some pgs that don’t redraw/resize properly.

also no idea this is from 4.2 SP09: